About Us

Maywater offers compliance consultancy and compliance recruitment services to financial firms in London and worldwide.

Our compliance consultancy division provides the full package of regulatory compliance consultancy services ranging from authorisation through continuous compliance coverage to strategy, reviews or remediation. Our consultants are very experienced and while we are not competing via pricing, our clients give us the feedback that we offer good value for their money. We are pretty quick at what we are doing, so we might only charge you two hours for a matter that our competitors will charge you a whole day for. Most of all, we won’t make any costly mistakes. With a Maywater consultant, you’ve got a safe pair of hands.

Our compliance recruitment division offers temp agency, interim management, and permanent recruitment services to financial firms and other firms involved in the finance sector, such as consultancy, law, audit, and accounting firms.

These services are being offered on a retained and on a contingency basis.

We are a full member of the prestigious Recruitment and Employment Confederation and our full-time recruitment staff are all Certified Recruitment Professionals (or currently training for it), which means that we have to follow at least the same standards as our biggest competitors, or higher standards. Different from our competitors our firm mainly consists of active compliance officers (our main business is compliance consultancy), so we know exactly what the regulators want to see and can help you define your requirements. We’ll also naturally find it a lot easier than our competitors to match your requirements with our candidates’ skill sets. Through our connections into the compliance departments of firms we often find out about candidates starting to consider new opportunities, long before these candidates actively contact any ‘recruitment-only’ agencies.

This means we’ll have the best talent available for you, and we’ll often be the only agency representing the respective candidate.